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Manchester United Foundation Reward Outstanding Students

Some outstanding pupils have been awarded match tickets to see Manchester United for their brilliant work at the start of the academic year.

This week some of our pupils have been gifted match tickets from Adele, our Manchester United Foundation officer. Pupils were selected from their Heads of Year for outstanding starts to the new academic year.

Harry Walter, Year 11 was selected by Head of Year, Miss Cope and Assistant Head of year Mr Culkin due to his engagement in lessons, change in attitude and overall good behaviour around school.  Well done Harry!

Joseph Rabbit, Year 10 was selected by Mrs Fearnhead, Assistant head of year for being one of the stand out students for his fantastic attendance and achievement points since the start of term. 

Oscar Jones, Year 7 was selected by Head of year 7, Miss Daly for his positive start to high school and kindness around school. Oscar always has a smile on his face and is willing to give a helping hand to and pupil or staff member. 

Oliver Brett, Year 9 was selected by Mrs Stevens, Head of Year.

“Oliver has had completely turned his behaviour and focus around. So much so he’s now one of our number one, well behaved, top students. I’m very proud of him and hope he enjoys the tickets that Adele and the foundation have gifted”.