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Tom Honoured with Show You Care Award from Co-op Academies Trust

In a heartwarming display of dedication, Tom, a cherished member of the Co-op Academy Swinton family, has been honored with the prestigious Show You Care award from the Co-op Academies Trust. This recognition comes as a testament to Tom's exceptional commitment to each and every student under his care.

Over the weekend, the Co-op Academies Trust bestowed this well-deserved honor upon Tom. His unwavering dedication and commitment to the students are nothing short of extraordinary. Tom serves as a shining example, embodying all the core values of Co-op Academy Swinton.

Out of a staggering pool of approximately 900 nominations, Tom emerged victorious. This achievement underscores the remarkable impact he has made on the entire Co-op Academy Swinton community. His unwavering commitment and exceptional contributions have left an indelible mark on the institution.

Tom's win is a testament to his remarkable character and unyielding support for the school's mission and values. It's a moment to celebrate and appreciate the positive influence he has had on the Co-op Academy Swinton community.

Congratulations to Tom for this well-deserved recognition, and may his story continue to inspire and uplift us all.