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Drama Club announce Summer Production with Support of Author Carl Wheatley

The school's Drama club is currently working on a theatrical adaptation of award-winning book, I'm Reggie Rockit by Carl Wheatley and Simon Harthill. We are honoured that Carl has kindly offered to attend weekly rehearsals to support the project. The show will be performed towards the end of the summer term in The Globe. More details to come. 


Testimonial from Carl Wheatley:


“The Drama students who are participating in the Reggie Rockit project are
 a joy to work with. We have only had a few rehearsals so far and I can already tell that the project will be a huge success due to their upbeat and
passionate nature. They are extremely creative and confident, which is lovely to see at such a young age. The Reggie Rockit concept is ‘be yourself to be happy’ and every one of the students encapsulates this. 
I am so excited to be working with the students and Head of Performing Arts, Miss Holly Crook, as their love for the Arts is infectious.”

- Mr Carl Wheatley, co-author of the award winning book, ‘I'm Reggie Rockit’.