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Special Education Needs

We work extremely hard to make sure all our students achieve their individual educational potential.

We employ a dedicated team of specialists to look after the needs of the children in our care.

It is testament to the close relationship we have with our feeder primary schools and the staff at Co-op Academy Swinton, that the children who have learning problems are identified early in their school career. To support this, we have a dedicated Student Support Faculty who, under the guidance of experienced specialists, provide extra help for our students who are identified as having learning problems, especially those in Year 7.

Students may be withdrawn from lessons either individually or in small groups for more individual help, or extra support may be provided in the subject lessons by our team of Teaching Assistants and Learning Mentors.

Our aim is to allow as many students as possible access to the full National Curriculum by providing appropriate support where needed. All courses and groupings are constructed to allow students to learn at their own pace and pay due regard to the equally important needs of all children from the most gifted to those who experience learning difficulties.

If you think your child may have Special Education Needs or you require additional information please contact Mr Dodd on: 0161 794 6215

See below for our reports and policies relating to SEND provision at Co-op Academy Swinton.



Offering extra support for our students is our Nurture provision. Our Nurture Groups are small classes for children with identified needs. These may be students who feel insecure in school or who are in need of more attention than can be provided in a mainstream class.

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Nurture groups are an approach to inclusion designed to open up learning for children who are struggling for a variety of reasons.

Our Nurture groups provide a safe base, helping students cope with the demands of a secondary school, especially those with transition from primary to secondary school. They usually take the form of a small discrete class, offering a safe, structured and predictable environment.

The provision in Nurture provides short-term, targeted intervention for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties which are creating a barrier to learning within a mainstream class. Each Nurture group consists of a maximum of eight students, selected from Year 6 or Year 7 students who are identified by SEND or pastoral staff.

As the children learn academically and socially, they develop confidence, become responsive to others, learn self-respect and take pride in behaving well and in achieving. This has a real impact on the development of their ability to fit into a secondary school environment and form positive adult and/or peer relationships.


In 2008, we were proud to receive the Kitemark standard for the work that we do in this field. Kitemark is a quality mark that recognises the outstanding practice that goes on with our Nurture groups. It is extremely difficult to achieve this award and we are now recognised as a leader within this field.

Please feel free to contact our Assistant SENDCOs, Mrs Seward or Miss Daley for more information.